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How To:

Convert Dell Service Tags to Express Service Codes

It's easy to convert between Dell codes and tags in your software


Dell's service tag numbers are alpha-numeric sequences used as serial numbers for the equipment they sell. They are helpful when getting support, but must be converted to numerical sequences called Express Service Codes when using Dell's automated phone help. This allows purchasers to more easily key them in on a standard touch-tone pad.

Dell computers include a little converter program that allows users to convert alpha-numeric "service tags" into number-only "Express Service Codes" when dialing in to the support line.

If you're a programmer writing an application that deals with this equipment, it can be helpful to provide the Express Service Code directly on your application's forms.

You must know how Dell does the conversion in order to do this, and that's why you have found this page.

You will be amazed once you see how easy it is... :-)

So Simple

Typical Service Tag Its Express Service Code
5RFDP01 125-423-316-01

The dashes are the only thing that might throw you.

  • The Service Tag is just a big base-36 number (composed of digits [0-9A-Z]) so,

  • Convert it to a big decimal number (12,542,331,601), then

  • Add dashes every third digit starting from the left-most (MSD) digit
    (This step is not necessary, but really does make the number a little easier to use.)

That's it. Hope this helps.

Converter Widget Form

This form will convert Dell Service Tags (alpha-numeric serial numbers) to Express Service Codes and vice versa.

Just type the alpha-numeric Service Tag number into the field labeled "Service Tag (serial) " and the Express Service Code will be displayed in the other field.

Or, type the Express Service Code into its field, and the corresponding Service Tag will display.

Click on the "Pop-up" link (bottom right corner) to display this widget in its own pop-up window. Why? so you can take it with you while surfing.

Creativyst® DellNumber Converter
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