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Topic: Quote Catcher v1.0b Upgrade Now on download page       [Link=40]
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    Quote Catcher v1.0b Upgrade Now on download page   (Date posted: 01/27/03 at 14:18:26) Quote Modify Delete

Attention Creativyst™ Quote Catcher purchasers:

Version 1.0b is now available for download on the download page.

In General

I didn't get the listing facility done yet but there are a lot of features in this one that people were asking for, like quote of the day and cron evocable. So I thought it better to release an interim version. Here's a discussion of some of the features in this release.

If you would like to purchase Quote Catcher more information can be found on the product information page.

. . . . . . .
Quote Categories

These are user definable. I've included some in there, but you're able to change them, add to them, take them away. If you come up with a nicer set of categories and share them with me, I'll include them in the next release.

. . . . . . .
Quote of the Day with msgDay()

One important feature enhancement is the msgDay() function added to the JavaScript feed. It works just like msg() except instead of displaying sections from a random quote it displays sections from the quote of the day. I've set this up with a short-list size of 30 but it handles short lists that are less than 30 gracefully (starts from the beginning when it runs out).

Display a quote of the day on your HTML pages (or in your dynamically generated pages) with something like this:

. . . . . . .
cron Evocable

It has always been cron evocable for those who knew how to set up all the strange environment variables used by CGI. Now, you just do this

{path}/ cronRefresh

And it will refresh the short list. This is great for say updating your shortlist of 30 once a month. Here's an example from my cron list, yours may be different:

30 03 1 * * {path}/ cronRefresh

Notice here that {path} would be replaced with the full path to as it would be written on you file server. This example runs the refresh on the first day of every month at 3:30 am.

. . . . . . .
Simple Editing and Crude Quote Browsing

Once you have at least one quote in your database you can edit and browse quotes with


in the location bar of your browser. While, it doesn't have a listing facility yet, once in the edit screen you can browse through and view your quotes with the next-quote and previous-quote links provided.

. . . . . . .

There is another new function in the JavaScript feed called msgN(). It works like msg() except instead of displaying parts of a randomly selected quote, it displays a quote number you specify from the shortlist. Use it like this:

msgN("Body", 5)

Here, "Body" is the body of the quote just as in msg(). The extra parameter is the quote number from the short list you'd like to display.

. . . . . . . . . . .
If You Are Upgrading

There are now three configuration sections (two new ones) at the top of the file.

  • The first one is the original one. You should replace this with your user configurable variables section from your existing system.
  • The second one is the list of category records. There is an extensive comment above these so that you can get an idea of how it's done. There are also quite a few categories defined which will give you good examples to go on.
  • The third configuration section is for LANGUAGE PROMPTS. It currently only has the two link prompts for previous-quote and last-quote. If you want to change these to a different language (or just << and >> even) this is where you'd do it.

You should also upload the new template file QCatch.tpl (".tpl" not ".pl"). It contains three new template variables:
  • <!--~:CatCheck3Col -->
    Which displays a three column check box list of categories.
  • <!--~:EditLastLink-->
    Which displays a link to view/edit the previous quote from the database.
  • <!--~:EditNextLink-->
    Which displayes a link to view/edit the previous quote from the database.

. . . . . . .
For more

For more details about defect fixes and other features added in this release see the version history page.

As always, if you spot any bugs or have any trouble installing or upgrading give me a shout. Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements that aren't already listed in the WISH section of the version

Thanks and enjoy.


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