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   News Entry Widget v1.0d now on the download page
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Topic: News Entry Widget v1.0d now on the download page       [Link=39]
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    News Entry Widget v1.0d now on the download page   (Date posted: 03/28/03 at 12:05:47) Quote Modify Delete

Attention Creativyst® News Entry Widget purchasers:

Version 1.0d is now available for download on the download page.

SSI feed

The main feature enhancement from v1.0c is the addition of an SSI feed for use on your own page when SSI is permitted. The SSI tag is:

<!--#include virtual = "/Where/I/Keep/News/Newsfeed.txt" -->

You should continue to select from the growing list of JavaScript feeders for convenience, and when sharing with other sites.

The SSI feed is only for use with special handling on you own site. It has the advantage of making the news headline links visible to search engines as content on your page.

Spacing added on index

This new system also adds a space row between months and weeks when stories are listed on the index pages.

If you are upgrading:

Those purchasing new licenses please disregard this: Two new variables $MonthSpacer and $WeekSpacer should be added to your configuration file ( but they are not necessary. If you don't include them, the system will default to =1 for both of them. That is, the system will begin adding spacer rows between months and weeks.

For more

For more details about defect fixes and other features added in this release see the version history page.

As always, if you spot any bugs or have any trouble installing or upgrading give me a shout. Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements that aren't already listed in the WISH section of the version

Thanks and enjoy.


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