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Topic: Glossary v1.3a Upgrade Now on download page       [Link=115]
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    Glossary v1.3a Upgrade Now on download page   (Date posted: 11/20/04 at 11:01:36) Quote Modify Delete

. . . . .
New features:

Search field extended to non-frame ( pages

The search field was only available in the word list used in frames in earlier versions (WL.tpl). It has now been extended for use in the non-frame listings produced by

Full page display links to full page displays

While in non-frame mode, earlier versions popped up a single-term display when the user clicked on a glossary term embedded in the text of another term's definition. The new behavior is to go to the new term in normal non-frame mode. If the new term starts with the same letter it will page-jump to the new term, otherwise it will load the new letter and jump to the term.

SEE references will fall through to the referenced term

If the term has no definition and only a single SEE reference, version 1.3a will jump to the term being referenced. For example, if the term "POTS" has no definition but says SEE: "Plain Old Telephone Service", then a user clicking on "POTS" will be taken directly to the definition of "Plain Old Telephone Service". This fall-though behavior is disabled when the user is a glossarist so that editors are able to access SEE references directly.

Example JavaScript code for Accessibility

Example JavaScript code is included to show how to make the glossary more accessible (egACCESS.js). This script shows how a site's web pages may be glossary enabled to allow a single keystroke (like 'g') to pop up the site's glossary. The access function also shows how to let viewers of a site's webpages highlight a word or term on the page and then click a link to invoke the glossary for the selected word or term.

Example JavaScript code for FrameSet maintenance

Basic example JavaScript is also included to show how to force stand-alone term queries into frames without losing the term in the transition from stand-alone to frames.

"$Editors" Configuration Setting

A way to further limit who has access to add/edit is now included. Community members can be considered anybody with login credentials. This setting will allow site administrators to limit which community members have add/edit capability within the glossary.

A delete feature

Ok, I know, it's about time for this one. This allows glossarists to delete a term --including all journal records for the term-- from the database.

. . .
Get it

Existing customers will find new download links on the glossary download page. New customers can purchase Creativyst® Glossary from the purchase page.

. . .
As always, your feedback is appreciated.


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