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   What if SCO Sold Cars?
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Topic: What if SCO Sold Cars?       [Link=64]
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    What if SCO Sold Cars?   (Date posted: 09/22/03 at 14:26:56) Quote Modify Delete

SCO, RIAA, and Ownership of Ideas

Ownership of ideas is not more complicated than ownership of things. Ownership of things just seems easier because we've been developing social norms surrounding that notion for the last 5 or 6 thousand years.

So what if you start with the SCO case, but change "Intellectual Property" used in "Linux" to "components" used in "automobiles".

  • SCO builds and sells cars and car components for profit.

  • A group of hobbyist carmakers down the street also builds cars but for the sheer pleasure they derive from the hobby.

  • SCO accuses the group down the street of having received a particular component that was stolen from SCO. SCO claims that the stolen component is currently in the cars the hobbyists build. But SCO refuses to name the component

  • The hobbyists, having no knowledge that any of the components they used were stolen, offer to swap out the offending components. They ask if it was the alternator, the fuel pump, the interior, or anything else so that they can do the swap at their own expense. But SCO refuses to tell them.

  • Before having the court rule on whether they have any claim, SCO sends invoices to owners of cars made by the hobbyists. The invoices insist that its recipients pay for the un-disclosed component.

It's really not so complicated when you look at it this way.


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