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Creativyst, Inc. respects your privacy.

We do not share, sell, or trade your information with others.

Privacy Statement

This statement discloses the privacy practices for our company and this Web site.

Use of Your Email Address

We do not share your email address with others unless you expressly permit it or we are compelled to do so by state police powers. There are no undisclosed or vaguely defined affiliates, partners, or associates. Creativyst, Inc. uses your email address for internal purposes only.

If you provide us with your email address and expressly choose to allow it, we may occasionally send you email with notices of new things at the site. This email may include recommendations or suggestions of third party products or services but will not include paid advertisements from third parties. You may opt out of receiving these emails whenever you wish by following instructions provided on the message.

The discussion forums on our Web site allow you the option of receiving emails to notify you when replies are made to subjects you select. Once, you've opted to receive these notifications, you may opt to shut them off again by following the instructions provided at the forums.

The discussion forums also give you a "Safe Mail" option. This allows others to email you without them ever seeing your email address. This option sends messages to you through our servers so the sender has no access to your email address. You may also choose to shut off all email, or on the other extreme, openly display and share your email address. The default choice will be the "Safe Mail" option discussed here.

Lastly, an email may be sent to notify you of changes in this privacy policy. Such notification will include instructions on removing your personal identity information from our database, should you disagree with the new policy. Generally, we will not send email concerning this policy, so it is your responsibility to keep up with changes.

Sensitive Financial Information

On the Web, Creativyst does not ask for, transfer, or store, any customer critical financial information. Information such as credit card numbers, debit card numbers, social security, licenses, or other legal forms are not stored by us. When taking online purchases, we will pass control to a reputable, secure, transaction processor, such as a bank, before you are prompted for this sensitive information. We do not receive a copy of this type of information from the transaction processor, nor will we employ one who insists on sending us a copy.

Other Personal Information

Other personal information such as postal addresses are retained for Creativyst, Incorporated's use only. There are times when it is necessary, in the course of carrying out our service to you, to share your information, for example, when sharing your address with the post office in order to mail you a rebate or invoice. In those instances where sharing is necessary, Creativyst Inc. will look for assurances that your information and privacy are held to the same or better standards as our own.

We Don't Share Information

Except as discussed above, we do not sell, rent or share contact information you provide with third parties, unless we ask for, and you grant, permission to do so. In such cases, we provide only information required, and the third party will be restricted from selling, renting, or sharing such information.


Software tags called cookies are bits of information stored in your browser. There are two kinds of cookies:
  1. Persistent Cookies
    are stored on your hard drive and stay on your system, even if you shut it down and restart it. makes every effort to run our site without the need for these persistent cookies. There are times however, when the use of persistent cookies may help us to make your online experiences slightly more convenient. For these situations, you will be offered the choice of whether or not to use cookies.

    We do not currently use any persistent cookies on our site, and will make every effort to continue to run this site without them. If you should notice persistent cookies being requested on our site that you did not authorize, we ask that you inform us so that we may correct the situation.

  2. Session Cookies
    are cookies that last only as long as your current browsing session and go away when you shut down your browser. These are used to make the site more convenient and intuitive to navigate. We currently use a single session cookie to indicate when you have logged in to the forums. Once you log in to the forums, this cookie will insure you go to the member area when you leave and then return to the forums.


If you have any questions, or concerns about this privacy statement, or if you have ideas for how we can improve this policy and our commitment to protect your privacy, please contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to read our privacy statement.


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