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Quote Catcher

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  Displaying w/JSMsg

Fresh Quotes, Even On Static Pages
QuoteCatcher displays your database of quotations in much the
same way a JavaScript NewsFeeder displays news stories on your
site, -- Each time the page is loaded, it randomly selects
from a small set of quotes stored in a JavaScript file and
displays the information where you want it on the webpage.
Random Quote (changes on reload)


Now with JSMsg display!

  Quote of the day:
  Not Just For Quotes
QuoteCatcher can store, maintain, & display over 9 million messages of any kind, and share them with others. Not just quotes! How about customer testimonials, tip-of-the-day, suggested links, featured books, products, or anything else visitors may find helpful or interesting?

Easy Install
Learn exactly how its done in the Installation document.
Here's a quick overview: make a CGI directory, set three configuration
variables, upload one script and one template file, and, well, that's it.

What's JSMsg Display?
Quote Catcher now serves your content in a JSMsg compliant JavaScript file. This means you can use other scripts available for free around the web to display your quotes. These scripts display content in a variety of clever and creative ways, and are written by other JavaScript programmers. Display scripts that support JSMsg will work with Quote Catcher easily and without requiring you to manually type quotes into the display script's variables.

The JSMsg convention also makes it easy to display your quotes on your web pages without any help at all from outside scripts. On this page for example, a quote of the day is displayed in a marqueue above, while the random quote in the top left corner will change every time you reload the page.

By Using the JSMsg convention you have complete flexibility in how your content is displayed. For example, here are two more quotes that will both change each time you reload this static page....



Here's how we did that:



  var msg;
  msg = "<B>Quote 1:</B><BR>";
  msg += cqc.Get( "Body", 1 );
  msg += "<BR> --";
  msg += cqc.Get( "Attrib", 1 );
  msg += "<hr WIDTH=\"35%\">";
  msg += "<B>Quote 2: </B><BR>";
  msg += cqc.Get( "Body", 2 );
  msg += "<BR> --";
  msg += cqc.Get( "Attrib", 2 );




Information Box

Quote Display
Even static HTML pages can display a new, fresh quote every time your visitors view the page!
Just as easily integrates with your forums or other dynamically displayed pages.
The number of quotes, quote categories and size of quotes you can maintain is almost limitless (over 9 million quotes).

Quote Entry
Single screen form entry
Any kind of small message
Fully costomizable template
Define your own categories, use the pre-defined categories, or both.

Browsers (tested)
I.E. 5.x - 6.x
Mozilla 1.x
Netscape 4.x
Netscape 6.x
Opera 6.x

Over 9 million quotes (9,999,000 to be exact).
Downloadable, ASCII storage is easy to import into other utilities.
Scalable storage keeps server limitations in mind.

Package Info
Version History
Written in Perl (source code included)

Purchasers have access to this product's download area for one year from time of purchase to download the latest upgrades and improvements.
All off-the-shelf software is sold with a 30 day money back guaranty.


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