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   clueless with JSMFeed
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Topic: clueless with JSMFeed       [Link=83]
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    clueless with JSMFeed   (Date posted: 05/21/04 at 16:12:01) Quote Modify Delete

i've DL'ed the script and tried for some time, but getting this script to work seems like the neverending story.

what i want?
i want to incorporate a newsfeed into a homepage (as an example = ). i have placed the into my cgi-bin folder, along with my html page, and pasted the


into the <head> of the page, but nothing comes out. could anyone give me directions, pls?


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    Re: clueless with JSMFeed   (Date posted: 04/12/04 at 22:53:50) Quote Modify Delete


I've downloaded and ran the parser and cant seem to get it to write a file with the url I've provied. so you arent the only one having issues getting it work properly.

I'm gonna look into what the code is doing and see if i can help out a bit

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    Re: clueless with JSMFeed   (Date posted: 04/13/04 at 10:14:43) Quote Modify Delete

Hi theWOLF,

First, this:

Should be this:

That is the url=... portion should be set to the URL of the RSS feed you want to get.

. . . . . . .
Other things to consider:

1. You MUST have the LWP::UserAgent module installed in your Perl installation. To see if you do, type:

perl -MLWP::UserAgent -e '{1}'

at a telnet command line. Let me know if you can't get access to this module. If enough people don't have this module available I'll do a direct to sockets routine (hoping not since there are platform hassles).

2. Some servers prefer 555 chmods...

3. The very FIRST line of your perl file must point to where your server keeps the Perl exe. You're server could be different than the current setting. Most hosting services have a page that lists such things, but you could also look at the first lines of other perl scripts you are using.


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