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   horizontal duplication?
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Topic: horizontal duplication?       [Link=25]
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    horizontal duplication?   (Date posted: 10/29/02 at 09:32:12) Quote Modify Delete

Say I have an XML doc like this

<NAME>insert lp1 name here</NAME>

An an HTML page like this

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" DATASRC="#xmlDoc" DATAFLD="LP">
<A DATASRC="#xmlDoc" DATAFLD="LINK" target="mainFrame"><img DATASRC="#xmlDoc" DATAFLD="IMAGE" border="0"></a>

How can I make the images duplicate accross the page horizontally and not vertically. Can I make it duplicate a cell instead of the whole table?

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    Re: horizontal duplication?   (Date posted: 11/04/02 at 14:53:01) Quote Modify Delete


Ok, data-binding works well, but it can't wander to far from the structure of the original XML file.

To solve this problem (and another question you asked in another thread here) I'll try and figure out a little DOM for XML code. I have to warn you though, I'm no guru on this facet of DOM programming.

ok, here's your XML I've named it tst.xml.

And here's the HTML file to display it.

A test of this can be found here.



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