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Topic: A download button       [Link=165]
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New Member

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    A download button   (Date posted: 06/13/06 at 13:58:59) Quote Modify Delete

I am looking at how to set up a download facility in my web pages so that customers can download trial software. What do I need to be able to do this please? Is it a file server, and anonymous FTP (which is greyad out on my plesk page)? Are there packages available to slot into a web page?
Thank you
Mike Gunner

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    Re: A download button   (Date posted: 06/13/06 at 16:23:31) Quote Modify Delete

Hi Mike!

I'm not sure the button is something you would do with FTP. That's something you simply connect to using an ftp client.

For what you are talking about (downloading from a button on a web-page) you'd usually use a script. I've written my own scripts to handle that sort of thing here.

Even so, I thought we had included anonymous ftp in your account when we set it up.

[PS EDIT] I think you just need to put files you want to share via anonymous ftp in your anon_ftp directory. Though as mentioned, this isn't what you want to do here.

The easiest way: If you just want people to access your software directly from a web-page link, you can just put it in a web directory and give them a link to it. Make sure you upload it BINARY.


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