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   I hate my front page
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Topic: I hate my front page       [Link=128]
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    I hate my front page   (Date posted: 04/19/05 at 17:56:28) Quote Modify Delete


My site covers four (pretty much) unrelated areas, and I've attempted to divide my front page into those four areas. I worry that it looks too busy, or overwhelming, and that it's frightening away potential visitors. I also wonder whether I need navigation in the form of some kinda buttons (like, for example, those on

I'd be grateful if you'd take a look ( and give me some advice and opinions, as I've looked at it so long now that I'm afraid I can't be objective any longer.

Thanks very much!

We're kinda grouchy.

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    Re: I hate my front page   (Date posted: 04/21/05 at 11:01:24) Quote Modify Delete


I like it!

Disclaimer: You probably shouldn't be taking aesthetic advice from me... Take a look at this site after all.

I've never been much for the flat "W3C compliant" look, but you've made that look about as good as it gets. And besides, what the hell do I know? (see disclaimer)

It also has an interesting premise that links those "four areas" together nicely. And, I really like how you've worked that premise into your post here in this forum too...

It is not too busy.

It is very nice. I like the premise a lot. The little bit of PG-13 rated material makes me a bit paranoid about having links to it here. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

There needs to be a new word for the paranoia that is caused in webmasters because of vague, unwritten Google rules. That's probably a perfect topic for your site.


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