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Topic: CRM Application Administration Opportunities       [Link=58]
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    CRM Application Administration Opportunities   (Date posted: 08/08/03 at 13:53:27) Quote Modify Delete

Location: San Francisco, CA


Our Company is looking for a CRM Application Administrator to work in IT Operations to support the various CRM applications in the enterprise.

These applications may include Onyx, Epiphany, Informatica, IIS, ColdFusion and other internal applications.

This candidate must be proficient with Windows and Unix (Solaris), IIS, and ideally ColdFusion and Informatica.

Also required are excellent analytical and communications skills, plus the ability to work in a team environment, with multiple assignments.


Act as the primary liaison between the CRM team and IT Operations
Install & upgrade CRM applications and infrastructure
Build monitoring solutions (corrective & preventative)
Monitor application logs
Be available in a 24x7 capacity as the first point of escalation
Troubleshoot performance and stability issues
Manage Application security
Follow Change Management processes during implementations
Maintain version control for application infrastructure
Create and maintain operational documentation
Work in a diverse team environment
Cross train with other administrators

2+ years of Windows and Unix experience
2+ years of IIS experience
Ability to code in VB script, shell script or Perl
Onyx experience would be extremely helpful
ColdFusion/Jrun and Informatica experience nice to have

Please send resumes to

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Last modification: srashidchi - 08/08/03 at 13:53:27

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    Re: CRM Application Administration Opportunities   (Date posted: 06/01/06 at 16:37:58) Quote Modify Delete

d**mn... 3 yrs too late...

Outa work....
Coding my own sites...
Living off the residuals...

My Work Habbits suck...

I must be retired.

The Phantom Variable

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