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   Glossary: Simple XML Format
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Topic: Glossary: Simple XML Format       [Link=15]
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    Glossary: Simple XML Format   (Date posted: 06/17/02 at 12:41:22) Quote Modify Delete

Prospective Interested Parties,

I have been looking around for a decent glossary format standard. I've found a few but found them all to be either; much too complex or, much to ambiguously defined for my current needs.

So I've begun development of a SIMPLE specification which includes a DTD (a concise definition).

My own personal myopic frame of reference is driven by a need for a file-format that allows users of Creativyst(tm) Glossary software to repurpose/share their glossary databases easily while preserving copyrights.

However, I'd prefer to overcome this personal design requirement and produce a more generalized, simple glossary sharing format...

To this end, I'm inviting you --if you're interested and have time-- to take a look and make comments if you have any.

The entire document is about 1500 words long (including the DTD) and resides at:

Thanks for any input you may offer.

-John Repici

P.S. Email me if you'd prefer, using the link in this forum.

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