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   It's the Fertilizer Stupid
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Topic: It's the Fertilizer Stupid       [Link=107]
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    It's the Fertilizer Stupid   (Date posted: 10/07/04 at 19:44:01) Quote Modify Delete

A question to the mathematically inclined


  • everyone in the U.S. has a hybrid vehicle
  • Each vehicle has one square meter of solar cells on its roof.
  • Some conservative percentage of vehicles will be out under the sun during peak solar hours.
  • Some conservative and currently doable efficiency numbers for cell conversion and storage conversion.
  • Cars are intelligent enough to manage their energy storage in such a way that they will have capacity in which to store the cell's peak-time output (or use it directly if the car is moving).

The question:

How many gallons of oil would be saved per day?...

Think about it.

  1. Millions of square meters of solar cells,
  2. all producing energy that will go directly to offsetting fossil fuel (don't forget plastics, fertilizer, pesticides) consumption.
  3. Not one square inch of those solar cells will be covering any vegetation or marine life that would not have otherwise been covered.

This seems like a win-win-win for humanity don't you think?


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