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Topic: Paid for 1 script       [Link=244]
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    Paid for 1 script   (Date posted: 04/08/12 at 16:46:46) Quote Modify Delete


I have paiod for 1 of your script, and at the end of the transaction, It just led me to a error page, and no email or anything except the one saying paid from paypal.

Can you please help me in this matter.?

Thank you in advance,


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    Re: Paid for 1 script   (Date posted: 04/10/12 at 12:07:11) Quote Modify Delete


Sorry about that. I have sent you credentials to the D/L page.

I still don't know what happened to the PayPal IPN interface to the site, or if it is on my side or theirs. I'll look into it when there is more time and it can be scheduled.

That said, I was able to manually send your customer credentials for the glossary D/L page. These should be good for a year barring their inadvertent publication.

Again. I'm very sorry for all the hassles.


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