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   Improving Your Writing (Pros, not Programming)
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Topic: Improving Your Writing (Pros, not Programming)       [Link=228]
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    Improving Your Writing (Pros, not Programming)   (Date posted: 04/14/10 at 11:02:25) Quote Modify Delete

  The Elephants of Style : A Trunkload of Tips on the Big Issues and Gray Areas of Contemporary American English -- For those of us who have trouble blindly accepting short declarative rules about grammar and style; here's a guy who doesn't just relate HIS positions on the subject, he explains WHY he holds those positions. Within this framework you will learn that many of the grammar-rules, which are often presented as hard facts by others, are actually quite squishy.

This author is not so arrogant as to think he can simply relate his opinions as a list of facts. Instead, he feels the need to justify his opinions. In explaining his justification for a given style-rule, he enlightens us, and gives us the understanding we need to draw our own conclusions. Those conclusions almost always agree with his, but with the added understanding comes the confidence to break rules we normally agree with, if that's what the situation calls for...

...Or should I say: "if it is that for which the situation calls"

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