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   A few question before purchase??
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Topic: A few question before purchase??       [Link=205]
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    A few question before purchase??   (Date posted: 11/16/07 at 19:12:48) Quote Modify Delete

Hello All
Firstly i want to say that your script really very nice and simple to use.
I have a qustion about your script.
1: Is there a membership system in the script for the users who will add or edit terms ? Because everyone can edit each others terms and entrys. This is problem . Somebody may visit the site and he/she can delete all of the added terms by other visitors or change it as he want..
2: Is tehere any solution for the charset problem? For example i have to use Turkish charset. As i can see it is not possible to use Turkish charset exactly in the script. It is giving up charset errors..
3: I have not any idea about programming languages. Does it matter for me to install the script and use it ?
4: Can i translate ths script to the Turkish. Is there any language file or etc.. ?
Thanx a lot.

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    Re: A few question before purchase??   (Date posted: 11/18/07 at 10:58:29) Quote Modify Delete


In reading your questions my best honest opinion is that this is probably not the right script for you at this time. The big problem is Unicode (there's a lot more to this issue than most realize from a first glance).

As stated, this is just my opinion. I'll try to respond to each of your questions in a way that will give you enough information to form your own opinion.

  1. Is there a membership system in the script for the users who will add or edit terms ?
    The script is designed to work behind existing Internet security mechanisms, allowing you to denote which users will have access to the edit and delete functions. Among those who are given the ability to add and edit entries, there is a Delete feature. It is not available to “outsiders” though. In the near future, it will allow you to further exclude editors from using the Delete feature.

  2. Is there any solution for the charset problem?
    This is the one that really makes the script a bad match for you. The problems you saw in the example implementation were probably due to the fact that the example pages are explicitly set for 8859-1, and other characters will cause problems. That said, other character sets aren't going to work well for a variety of reasons.

    Glossary deals with the 8859-1 character set by mapping characters with diacritical marks into one of the 26 letters of the western alphabet. This is necessary so that the characters can be sorted properly, put into the correct letters if they begin with one of the diacriticals, making URL links to the terms, and for searching.

    I've considered a similar approach for character sets from your part of the world, that would map these terms into the 26 western letters based on the western NAMES of those letters on the Unicode tables. I've decided my time would be better spent adding features to the current system, and some day (future) adding full Unicode support.

  3. I have not any idea about programming languages. Does it matter for me to install the script and use it ?
    It is helpful but not necessary. You should have some experience installing scripts on your server. You should also have some understanding of setting up server security (users and groups).

  4. Can i translate this script to the Turkish?
    Well, the character problem as defined above will be a problem for the text of the terms in the database but not for other parts of the web-page display (like prompts and field labels). The script itself is template-driven, and so any of its windows and screens will be easy to set up in the same way you would set up any other web page on your site in your native language. Those parts of display pages that use language will all be done using the HTML of your native pages.

I know this probably doesn't help you much. I'm sorry it is probably not a good match for your situation, but perhaps it can --at least-- save you some time.


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    Re: A few question before purchase??   (Date posted: 11/18/07 at 13:25:22) Quote Modify Delete

Thank you for your honest answer JRepici

Actually may be Turkish charset does not matter for me now. Because of it will be a fun site. So visitors can use westerns charset. And every tukish charecter may replaced another western charecters. But i want 2 different thing in the script.
First is membership system. In your ansewr you say that internet security mechanisms has got a security system. Actually i could not understand it. How it works. I mean i want that everbody can register in my site and they can post new glossary terms. I think it is impossible for now if script has not got a membership system.

Second one is one term must be featuring multi answers from different users. For example.
If a user click to "JRepici" Term he can see as first mean : JRepici is admin of the his site.
And then secondly another user can add another mean for JRepici.

Ex: JRepici: Admin of the his site.
user1 (date, sign etc..)

JRepici: Owner of the his site.
user2 (date,sign etc...)

I tried to explain what i want. But may be it is not enough cause of language problem. I want to make a site with your script like this. If you check this website may be you can understand me exactly.
Thak you very much.

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