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Topic: CSV Variations       [Link=193]
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    CSV Variations   (Date posted: 05/01/07 at 12:42:49) Quote Modify Delete

I have a vendor that gets a CSV file from us to run a machine. He is wondering if that format can be sent with a vertical line delimiter in replace of the comma.

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    Re: CSV Variations   (Date posted: 05/02/07 at 08:31:35) Quote Modify Delete


It really depends on how its being read. Excel™ (for example) will let you do a fast read of .csv files that doesn't require any configuration. It lets you do this right from the file->open... dialog. On the other hand, Excel™ will probably let you use the import facility to import pipe delimited files as well. It will just take a bit more work.

That said, if you want to produce a file that almost anybody can read, you probably can't do better than to export the CSV documented in the article. One caveat: many non-US countries are configured to use a semi-colon as a comma. People in these countries have to change their international settings to read CSV files that are delimited with U.S. commas. At least if they want to use their normal, easy, file->open... dialog to open the CSV file.



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    Re: CSV Variations   (Date posted: 05/02/07 at 10:31:03) Quote Modify Delete

Thanks you for the response and I checked with my vendor and his machine software is configured to read with data|data|data|data|data. Is it a conversion feature that can be done from Excel or CSV?

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