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Topic: display copyright info       [Link=179]
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 display copyright info   (Date posted: 10/26/06 at 16:14:00) Quote Modify Delete


I am new to this, I am trying to display the copyright information along with the rss feed but I can't seem to get it. I see that it is one of the MetaVals but I don't know how to display it or pass it on...

Can you help?


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    Re: display copyright info   (Date posted: 10/27/06 at 17:36:20) Quote Modify Delete


If you do a "view source" on the JSMsg test page you'll see how these were accessed in the section labeled "Example 0: Meta Information from this RSS feed:".

I've cut and pasted it here:

There's some old html in there, but you should be able to get the picture.



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