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   displaying rss on IIS 6.0 machine
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Topic: displaying rss on IIS 6.0 machine       [Link=172]
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    displaying rss on IIS 6.0 machine   (Date posted: 08/17/06 at 19:21:48) Quote Modify Delete

I am new to working with rss and xml. We have an rss feed from one of our partners that I need to implement on several of our sites. The code that I wrote works perfectly on my development machine, but when I upload to one of our servers the rss content is not displayed. I believe this to be an issue regarding http handlers, however I am a little bit overwhelemed and need some help. Please let me know what to do! Thanks!

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    Re: displaying rss on IIS 6.0 machine   (Date posted: 08/21/06 at 14:27:12) Quote Modify Delete


Well, I'm probably not the right guy to be offering you any advice on this. It has been a while since I've done IIS work. Apache is relatively stable and has been working very well for me for almost everything over these past few years. Consider this when deciding whether to take the following advice.

The best thing you can do

Install Perl on your IIS machine. You can get a nice download that includes Apache and PHP as well as Perl on the web. Doing this one thing will make your IIS machine compatible with platform-independent applications the world over. You don't have to use the Apache web server that comes with it btw.

Once Perl is on there, you can cron (schedule?) to run once a day (or a few times a day) to produce a JavaScript file to display the newsfeed on your web pages.

Want to use IIS Apps? Be careful to avoid 'Soft vision

You will be able to find some Windows™ specific solutions as well. These are Windows™ applications that you can run right from IIS. Just be sure they are running ONLY on the server side! They should not do anything that will require the clients (the visitors' browsers) to reach down and grab some windows-only functions from the local machines.

Anyone who's ever spent time working in a Microsoft shop will understand this. You are surrounded by MS solutions and educational materials on all sides. It's SOOO easy to make an application that, it turns out, will only work on IE/Windows. That might have been fine a few years ago, but now, when you do this you cut out (or just irritate) a growing demographic of web surfers. You also leave your company and yourself open to unwanted bad press.

How easy is it to accidentally do MS-only web sites? FEMA developers did it. Katrina survivors with macs, handhelds, and Linux systems were excluded from using FEMA's web based help applications to get back on their feet. It caused more than a small amount of unnecessary pain and suffering for the Katrina survivors, and well-deserved embarrassment for FEMA and its developers.

The easiest thing you can do

You may also be able to use an outside service to convert the RSS feed into some form that is displayable directly by web browsers. The service that others have researched here on these forums can be found on this thread.

This is probably the easiest thing you can do, but I can't personally vouch for it because I don't personally use it.



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