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   have html label  ,how  to show normality  
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Topic: have html label  ,how  to show normality         [Link=171]
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    have html label  ,how  to show normality     (Date posted: 08/08/06 at 21:34:09) Quote Modify Delete

csv file's contents below:
1,"TEST.jsp","( TEST.jsp )","<HTML>","<HTML>",
2,"TEST.jsp","( TEST.jsp )","<BODY >","<BODY >",
3,"TEST.jsp","( TEST.jsp )","</HTML>","</HTML>",

in the file there are words "<HTML>" and <body>,can't show accurate.
how to convert "<HTML>"

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    Re: have html label  ,how  to show normality     (Date posted: 08/20/06 at 15:33:56) Quote Modify Delete


Well, I finally got a chance to save this as a CSV file and then load it into Excel™. Sorry it took so long.

When opened in Excel™ the entire file gets squished into a single field on the spreadsheet.

If you remove all the left brackets (<) from all the fields, it loads correctly.

1,"TEST.jsp","( TEST.jsp )"," HTML>","HTML>",
2,"TEST.jsp","( TEST.jsp )","BODY >","BODY >",
3,"TEST.jsp","( TEST.jsp )","/HTML>","/HTML>",

But if you put, even a single left-bracket anywhere in the file, it returns to the errant behavior when opened in Excel™.

1,"TEST.jsp","( TEST.jsp )"," <HTML>","HTML>",
...(other lines)...

Note that it doesn't matter if there's leading space before the open-bracket. It also doesn't matter if the bracket is embedded deeper in the field, behind other characters...

1,"TEST.jsp","( TEST.jsp )"," d<HTML>","HTML>",
...(other lines)...

I've also tried the fix recommended in the CSV article for leading zeros and spaces. It didn't work.

. . . . .
If its any help, the spreadsheet program in Open Office opens these fine.

For those who don't know, Open Office is an MS Office™ replacement that, imo, is more stable, and more complete than MS-Office (as clearly demonstrated here). It is free, open source, and uses open file formats.

Open Office will read and save in MS's proprietary formats as well, so you can read these CSV files into Open Office, and then save them as an Excel spreadsheet.

I'll keep searchinig for ways to make these Excel compatible. If you come up with something, please take a minute to let me know.

Any lurkers out there have any ideas?

For now, the only recommendation I have for you, is to get Open Office and use it to convert your CSV to Excel formated files.

I'm hoping I, or somebody else comes up with an Excel-only work-around for this problem. Thanks to anyone who can help.


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