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Topic: Welcome to Custom Software Support       [Link=5]
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    Welcome to Custom Software Support   (Date posted: 04/23/02 at 15:39:35) Quote Modify Delete


Ask questions here about the custom software we've developed for you and about custom software design in general.

If you prefer a more discreet venue please contact me directly at

Those who we've developed custom software applications for should not hesitate to to raise issues and concerns here as well as through all other channels (like We want you to have a good experience with our products and us.

Please feel free to ask questions, both of a general and specific nature about software design services.

This thread is as much for learning about custom software services as it is about support of existing customers.

General questions might include such areas as:

  • What are general costs associated with custom software and design work? What about the hidden costs?
  • How do I choose a designer to develop my ideas?
  • What about time constraints and schedules?
  • How can I insure my projects will end up being what I want?
  • What about all the horror stories I've heard about large software design projects like the Mars Lander and the Denver airport? Do smaller projects suffer this fate?
  • Other concerns?

We want you to have an understanding of custom software development so you can better understand when it is the best option for your situation, as well as when it is not. Look for articles in the future with this perspective.

Thanks for your interest in Creativyst's custom services.

       -John Repici

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