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   JSMFeed Error when calling from
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Topic: JSMFeed Error when calling from       [Link=226]
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    JSMFeed Error when calling from   (Date posted: 02/23/10 at 13:28:32) Quote Modify Delete

When I run JSMFeed to call Music charts from, my created files are broken. When I look at the file in vim, I see that around line 340 my page has the following code.....

with( countryCharts ) {
/* Meta values
MetaKeys[0] = "MetaTitle";
MetaVals[0] = "Billboard Country Songs Chart";
MetaKeys[1] = "MetaLink";
MetaVals[1] = "";
MetaKeys[2] = "MetaLinkTitle";
MetaVals[2] = "<A HREF=\"\" CLASS=\"JSMsg\">Billboard Country Songs Chart</A>";
MetaKeys[3] = "MetaDesc";
MetaVals[3] = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>^M\n<rss version=\"2.0\">^M\n <channel>^M\n <title>Billboard Country Songs Chart</title>^M\n <link></link>^M\n <description />^M\n ";

I edit the file removing the ^M links and bringing the code back onto one line and everything works perfectly until the next time I run my script again via cron to update the feed.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: JSMFeed Error when calling from   (Date posted: 02/26/10 at 12:29:21) Quote Modify Delete


Yeah, it's a bug.

It's tripping over the empty <description /> tag.

It is expecting old-school block (<description>...</description>), or no description tag at all. I don't have any ideas for a work-around at this time. While I haven't looked at this stuff for a long time, I would expect that many of the true document standards have probably overcome the need for jsmfeed by now. Have you searched for a pure dynamic html solution?

Sorry again about the bug. This script has been out there for years, and nobody ever found that one. Again though, the Billboard feed is not to blame, it is valid RSS 2.0. It's just a bug in the JSMFeed script that has been hiding all this time.


P.S. If I think of a work-around, I'll post again here.

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