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   <!--~:NavBar --> - how to edit it
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Topic: <!--~:NavBar --> - how to edit it       [Link=224]
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    <!--~:NavBar --> - how to edit it   (Date posted: 11/27/09 at 13:30:23) Quote Modify Delete

I would like to make the navbar run across my site at the top of the page, all in one row, how do i edit it ?

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    Re: <!--~:NavBar --> - how to edit it   (Date posted: 12/02/09 at 14:05:08) Quote Modify Delete


The 3 x 9 navbar was just a convenience field thrown in. You can make any navbar layout you'd like using static HTML in your template.

Use the convenience navbar generated by the script to see how to set up the anchors for each letter in your own statically created navigation-bar for your template. It has been a while but I remember writing a little about this in the HTML help pages...


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