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   Quote Catcher install problem
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Topic: Quote Catcher install problem       [Link=222]
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    Quote Catcher install problem   (Date posted: 08/14/09 at 10:59:43) Quote Modify Delete

Trying to install Quote Catcher to my site, but keep getting 'Internal Service Error' when I try to run the script. Server error log says 'Premature end of script headers'.

Permissions are set to 755 as required. Can anyone advise what might be wrong?


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    Re: Quote Catcher install problem   (Date posted: 09/19/09 at 10:01:40) Quote Modify Delete


We spoke via e-mail a couple of times on this and then you stopped. I'm assuming no news is good news?

If not, let me know. I'll be happy to continue helping you.


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