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   dynamic url php to rss based html
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Topic: dynamic url php to rss based html       [Link=215]
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    dynamic url php to rss based html   (Date posted: 10/09/08 at 18:16:52) Quote Modify Delete

Dear forum members,

I am searching for a script that will generate a rss feed of a dynamic based url in php.

Every php file is thought dynamic and has includes with it.

On every php file I want to include the rss script and it has to create dynamically and updated automatic the rss feed,
So you see on rss icon on the php page, which by clicking on it generates the rss feed up in the browser window.

It looked challenged to me.

I look forward for any suggestion for how to or any scripts already available ;

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    Re: dynamic url php to rss based html   (Date posted: 10/14/08 at 09:02:55) Quote Modify Delete



I'm sorry, I don't have anything on this one. The problem for me is that I mainly use perl for web-based code, and C for most of the hard-core, or underside code. Your application specifically requires PHP.

That said, there must be a lot of these kinds of utilities out there in PHP. Have you tried HotScripts?

Also, these days, I'd guess most of this could be handled via javascript, using AJAX techniques. AJAX looks good but I haven't done any real work in it yet. I was waiting for browser support to improve, but that's probably no longer an issue.

Not having done anything "real" in AJAX also means my opinion about it should be taken as what it is: hear-say.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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