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   JSMFeed without using Cron
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Topic: JSMFeed without using Cron       [Link=185]
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    JSMFeed without using Cron   (Date posted: 11/22/06 at 10:54:01) Quote Modify Delete

I have been looking for a script that would allow me to dsiplay an rss feed provided by another website and happened upon this one. I have just spoken with my ISP and they do not provide the ability to create CRON jobs. I am not a PERL programmer and I do not want to directly add the access to the JSMFeed into the frontend javascript (since it is not recomended for obvious reasons) but perhaps someone could suggest how I would get the feed to come through in a timely manner, updating itself perhaps every few hours. Any suggestions? Can I use/adapt the script to update in a different way?

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    Re: JSMFeed without using Cron   (Date posted: 11/26/06 at 11:15:09) Quote Modify Delete



Not much good news I'm afraid.

You must be able to run scripts in order to run or You may be able to run this if you have the ability to run scripts but not schedule them. What you'd want to do is create a simple command file (or batch file if your servers are Windows) that runs JSMFile/ with the correct command line parameters (I'd keep JSMFile/ completely off-world in this case for security reasons). In this case you would then have to trigger the wrapper-script by clicking on it from within a browser on any machine. For security reasons you'd want to keep the page with this link hidden, or better yet, run this link from your browser's favorites/bookmarks facility.

If that doesn't work, your only other work-around will be to get someone else to run it for you and use the JSMsg file they produce. You should first ask the source of the RSS feed, since this will allow them to share their feed with you AND many other webmasters like you. If that doesn't work, you may want to find other websites with similar interests and get them to run the feed.

I'm sorry I can't give you better options. Without the ability to schedule scripts, you are at the mercy of others to make their feeds available. In many ways it is web-masters like you who provided the impetus for producing JSMsg in the first place. But feed sources have to provide a JSMsg formatted feed in order for you to display their feeds.

Some day, the hope is, that somebody in the IETF will find a way to allow "including" XML data files within schemas. Right now, you can only include schemas in data, which is the wrong way around for it to be useful in situations like yours.


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