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Topic: search (full)       [Link=142]
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    search (full)   (Date posted: 11/09/05 at 02:45:28) Quote Modify Delete


The search function does not seem to work in my installation. Is this a 1.4 bug?

How do I make a Search (full) and a Search (term) box like the ones on your try-out site?


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    Re: search (full)   (Date posted: 11/09/05 at 08:42:57) Quote Modify Delete


The full search facility currently requires setting up the configuration file based on platform specific facilities provided by your server. The file shows examples for some possible configurations, including Sun, Linux, and one flavor of Windows.

Setting up this configuration involves discussing some nitty-gritty detail information about your server operating system, which is probably best not done on a public forum.

If you contact me via email, I'll be glad to help you with this and the problem with the csv import facility.


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