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   Firefox - Google's latest privacy invasion play.
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Topic: Firefox - Google's latest privacy invasion play.       [Link=232]
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    Firefox - Google's latest privacy invasion play.   (Date posted: 11/28/10 at 10:05:49) Quote Modify Delete

Dump Firefox if you don't want Google invading your privacy.

Google has made no secret of their position. They believe they are entitled, even duty-bound, to find every scrap of information they can dig up about you, your clients, and your business. Now Firefox is taking the money and running with it.

Just a guy complaining on the internet? Try this: Go to Tools->Options...->Advanced(tab)

Then try to uncheck the box at the bottom labeled "Submit Crash Report".

Looks good right? Now leave and go back to the same options pane. Oops, Google is ENTITLED to that information, and you are a bad bad surfer for trying to prevent them from sticking their cute little noses right in your business.

"...developed by Google engineers and the Socorro web server for processing crash report data,..."

"Unlike the "Talkback" global extension, it cannot be deselected during custom Windows install."

"Mozilla Crash Reporter is enabled by default and there is no user interface to disable it."

Right now, you are safe if you're on a 64 bit system, though I wouldn't count on this to continue going forward.

Best bet: Use I.E. or get a non-mozilla browser such as Opera (I'm testing Opera now, I'll let you know how it works).

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