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Content Feeds Available in JSMsg
JSMsg permits web-masters to display your content without plug-ins or server-side scripting

News Feeds


Internet News

Industry News Sources
  • News In Queue - Call Center Industry News[niq]
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    Call Center Industry News from

Blogs / Politics

If you run a blog or information site I'd like to list your feed here. Please consider making a JSMsg feed available. It has considerable bandwidth advantages (it is a static file that is cached by HTML agents and browsers) and it makes your content available for display by the millions of web sites who don't have or use server-side scripting.

It's easy to provide a JSMsg feed. Simply convert your existing RSS feed as needed.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all.

Fun / Science / Interesting Feeds

  • none at this time

Misc / Other Feeds

JSMsg Feeds Used Here at

These are presented as examples of how JSMsg feeds can be used for intrasite design. Please do not hot-link to these feeds from your site.

  • Site Announcements & News at [cvsnew]
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    Our syndicated news and announcements feed. For happenings at the site, and the company.

  • Quote File (Maintained Creativyst Quote Catcher) [cqc]
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    One of the syndication feeds produced by our mini-script product: Creativyst Quote Catcher (hence the namespace 'cqc'). Please don't hot link this in your site.

  • JSMsg Information & Navigation Feed [JsmInfo]
     <script TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="JavaScript"
    A feed to point people to highlights of all things JSMsg here on the site. The main purpose of this feed is to act as a navigation box for the pages dedicated to JSMsg. It also will carry anything new.

Other LISTS of Feeds

Licensing and Permissions

JSMsg is a shared convention developed and published by Creativyst, Inc. You may use JSMsg in commercial and open source projects, provided you give credit to Creativyst, Inc. and follow the conditions set forth in the convention document. is a free download file produced by Creativyst, Inc. You may use Creativyst® when producing Internet or intranet based web sites for yourself, your employer, or your clients, but you may not distribute it or derivatives as downloadable content, or part of a package.

This document is © Copyright, Creativyst, Inc. 2002 - 2006 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Links to this page are always welcome.

However, you may not copy, modify, or distribute this work without first obtaining express written permission from Creativyst, Inc. Those wishing to obtain permission to distribute this work or derivatives in any form should contact Creativyst.

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