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    Version History for
Creativyst™ CSV to XML Converter

For help using this table see below.

  Release Date Ver. Comment
  WISH ? Title
Employ local JavaScript to reduce bandwidth use by clearing any prior data in the output field before a submission is made.
Reduce bandwidth used for larger CSV files by not returning the CSV (input) field with the response. Do only when CSV file is greater than 1 Meg.
Add xml declaration element to top of XML produced
Produce a DTD file along with the XML file (? schema).

2.0c HTML form textarea workaround
Convert entities into "brute force" entity representations (e.g. "&" to "&"). This is needed because the TEXTAREA tag converts returned entities back into their single character representations.

2.0b Add row ID field and fix some conversion bugs
Add row ID so the element name for rows can be defined.
Clean up help pop-ups.
Preserve leading and trailing spaces in quoted fields
Properly handle line-feeds embedded in quoted fields.

2.0a First full distribution version
Make first distribution files and upload to product download page.
Add Header-Row functionality to form and code. Let first row be header names instead of data.
Create JavaScript help pop-ups for template insertion
Create installation instructions page.
Make entire process template driven, including user help file.
Complete perl parser and glue functions.

Using the Version History

The table above presents a snapshot of our version history in "most recent first" order. It begins in the future with a "WISH" list of feature suggestions for future development. It then optionally lists the particulars of the version that is currently (or soon will be) under development.

Next, the versions that have actually been released are listed along with their release dates and version numbers. The most recently released version will be listed first with the release date and version number displayed in bold. Versions that have a release date will show their most recent stability ratings under the date.

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